5 Feb 2014


Boulder, CO, USA

I only had two days to spend in the charismatic mountain city Boulder in Colorado, and thus had to pick my meals carefully. After doing a lot of research, I settled on a recommendation from the Boulder-based blogger Use Real Butter, and went to The Kitchen. This community-based, non-profit restaurant uses locally sourced produce, and even recycles cooking oil to power the car of one of the employees. Located on the lively pedestrian Pearl Street, the interior follows the typical homey look of exposed brick and simple wood furniture. After some delicious bread and butter, I chose tomato soup as my starter, which was very simple, but tasty. There were many exciting choices on the menu, but one that stood out to me was the Hand Rolled Gnocchi with bacon and summer vegetables. This was a beautiful looking dish with unusual but brilliant flavours. I wish the bacon had been cooked for slightly longer, but apart from that the dish was perfect. My friend had a tomato salad and the steak, and he was reasonably content, but not as excited as I was about my food. The service was friendly, but they didn’t seem too happy with me taking pictures with a huge camera, which I guess is understandable. I had to eliminate a lot of photos from use in this post because there were angry faces staring right into the camera. I’m very happy I got to try the delicious The Kitchen while I was in Boulder, as I really feel like the restaurant’s philosophy exemplifies the attitudes of the town.

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