30 Jun 2013


I went to Patty & Bun after recommendations from a friend saying it was the best burger she had in London, and it really is up there among the best of them. We went as a group of seven on a weekend in March when it was still cold and snowing. They annoyingly do not take reservations, like most popular restaurants these days. The queue was not very long, but since we were such a big group we had to wait for longer for a table large enough to fit us all. The staff kindly gave us an umbrella, but it was still freezing. After about an hour we were cold and hangry, and we started to turn on each other.  We decided to split up into two groups on separate tables, which we should have just done in the first place.  I quickly ordered an Ari Gold Cheeseburger. On the side we had Chips with Rosemary Salt and House Salad. The cheese on the burgers is a bit too runny, which also makes the burger look a bit sloppy in pictures. The bun is perfect, as is the garnish, especially the pickled onion. It’s overall a really great burger, a perfect mixture between gourmet and fast food burgers. As an overall package I prefer it to Admiral Codrington’s burger, even though the latter's meat patty is better. The price is considerably lower at Patty & Bun, so that will also influence its score on the Hanger-Meter in comparison. Some of my friends really love Patty & Bun’s smoked BBQ chicken wings, but I don’t like them very much. One friend is allergic to gluten and got the "gluten-free burger" which was just a patty wrapped in lettuce instead of bread, and he wasn't too excited about that. On my first visit to Patty & Bun I thought the burger was too small, as I finished it in no time and went to a Mexican restaurant afterwards. However, I think I was just particularly hungry that day, as the subsequent times I couldn’t finish it. I’ve now tried the Jose Jose Chilli Burger and Smokey Robinson with bacon, both of which are super tasty. I definitely recommend Patty & Bun, but after our traumatising experience of queuing in the snow, I have only gotten take-away from there.

Ari Gold cheeseburger

patty and bun takeaway burger

patty + bun sign burgers make you sexy
patty bun sides and cheeseburger

patty and bun queue

54 James Street, London , W1U 1HE

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