20 Mar 2015


London, UK

Borough Market is arguably the most famous food market in London, with people from all over town flocking there on Saturdays, to an area of the city they otherwise might not visit much. It is not a live fashion show like Broadway Market, as the crowd is more touristic or family oriented. It's usually crowded and a bit stressful, so I wouldn't go for the atmosphere, only for the food. For the early birds, there is a wholesale market from 2am to 8am on Saturdays, which I hear is cheap and good, but I've yet to get up that early to check it out. Instead, I've arrived around lunch hour, when the market is packed and the queue for the cash machine stretches far. I would not only advice to get cash in advance, but to get quite a lot of it. It's not a cheap market, and the costs start to add up if you want to have a drink, a few lunches, ice cream, and some snacks to take home. As with all markets, the best strategy is to share so you can try as many things as possible. There is also an array of free tasters to grab on the way, like paella and turkish delights.

One of my favourite meals at Borough isn't technically a market stall, but a temporary BBQ grill set up outside of Applebee's fishmongers. They serve grilled garlic prawn wraps from noon onwards, perfect for a late Saturday breakfast. The prawns are served with only a bit of lettuce, garlic and dressing, and taste absolutely amazing in the wrap. This is a must, and great warm up for two to share before heading into the main market area.  Amongst the most popular stands is Northfield Farm, which always has a long line. When I saw the sign for their Wangus Burger, a mixture of wagyu beef and angus beef. With this, I decided I had to join the queue and try it. I got served after around 10 minutes, and once I dug in I was disappointed with the very first bite. The meat was chewy and kind of springy in consistency, and it seemed like no thought had been put into the garnishes; a bit of rocket and onion just doesn't cut it. When I checked their website now, it seems that the item has been taken off the menu, so perhaps I wasn't the only one who didn't like it. However, the salt beef sandwich from the same place is spectacular, an example of English bread and meat at their best. Clearly, Northfield has good quality ingredients, they just have to put effort into serving it in the right way. Once I've tried a few mains, I usually walk around and look for produce to take home. There's a great selection of juices, chocolates, vegetables and bread to set you up for the rest of the weekend.

6 Mar 2015


London, UK

Branded as ‘the’ premium vodka, and belonging to its eponymous parent Lamborghini, the vodka captures the essence of the Lamborghini brand. From the sleek and sharp design of the bottle reminiscent of the crisp contours of the cars, to the smooth crisp taste of the vodka, Tonino Lamborghini comfortably contends in standing as being one of the best vodkas on the market. The Food Grid was invited to sample the vodka at an exclusive tasting held at the Polo Lounge in the Westbury Hotel, where we were treated to a brief bio of the drink, and the plans of its distributor Fantasma drinks to supply it to London’s premier venues such as Funky Buddha and Annabel’s. Soon after being seated we sampled the vodka in three ways. Straight served with ice, in an espresso martini and dirty martini. All were expertly prepared and provided the much needed kick after a long work day. The vodka is light, crisp and smooth and to our relief didn’t have any horrible after taste; in fact it settles very well.  The lack of an after taste, after some research, stands to illustrate the fine quality of a spirit, and Tonino Lamborghini is just that, triple distilled and extracted from the best quality grains which results in the smooth and fine texture the vodka. Initially sceptical to all the hype of the PR company, all reservations were dispelled upon trying it. Entering the market (a new market) under the name of an established brand giant could either be a blessing or a curse in an attempt to live in the shadow of its parent, but Tonino Lamborghini Vodka lives up to the challenge by offering one of the finest vodkas we have tried. Tonino Lamborghini Vodka is now available to try at the Mayfair Club No.41, and we look forward to seeing it around London soon. 
Dirty Martini and Espresso Martini at Westbury

Lamborghini Vodka on the rocks

Energy Drinks and Lamborghini Vodka
Dirty Martini with Olives London

We were invited to review Tonino Lamborghini Vodka, and the opinions expressed are our own.