FoodGrid is a digital platform celebrating the culinary experiences of two Londoners with an exceptional interest in food. It is a place where food is enjoyed, appreciated and valued across its many spectrums.

The idea behind FoodGrid stems from a dual passion towards eating and mostly talking about eating. Our aim is not to provide a standardised rating system by awarding stars or scores, but to relay and place our culinary trials and adventures on our ‘food grid’ i.e. our food map and radar. We aim to bring forth and ‘grid out’ to our readers what we continually eat by offering a personalised approach to reviewing food.

Both designers by profession, we naturally feel obliged not to conform to any pre-set standards or templates, and as such our blog entails from reviewing a sandwich at the local deli to savouring haute cuisine. 

We cater to no specific niche, but to those who genuinely love food in all its forms and prices. Setting us apart is also a unique reviewing standard: The HangerMeter which has been specifically created to rationalise our dining experiences based on how much we enjoyed the food.


“It requires a certain kind of mind to see beauty in a hamburger bun.”  -  Ray Kroc

A burger is the quintessential benchmark of good food; when you get it right it’s the best thing and when it’s wrong it’s just pure disappointment. 

As burger connoisseurs and enthusiasts we set ourselves the mission to locate the best burger. Being Londoners the search is focused on locating the best burgers in London. However as travellers we will also feature our best burger finds from around the world hoping to narrow the race down to finding the world’s best burger.