31 Jan 2014


Tokyo, Japan
One of the many perks of being in Tokyo is the surplus of delicious restaurants to choose from. Like London in many ways, Tokyo is a foodie’s heaven and one is spoilt for choice when deciding what to eat. Having spent the morning exploring the charming little streets of Harajuku, my friends and I popped in for a traditional Japanese lunch at the much-recommended Sakura Tei restaurant. Specializing in Okonomiyaki (a self prepared savoury pancake) the restaurant is situated in a traditional Japanese house which was all the more surreal in Harajuku, which is uniquely contemporary and avant-garde. The layout of the restaurant proved to be quite confusing as it was organized in a maze-like arrangement with many small corridors and dining areas located in separate rooms scattered all over. Despite the confusion, we embraced the vibe and proceeded to ordering momentarily after being seated. We naturally ordered the Okonomiyaki with chicken and noodles, both preceded by the house salad. Minutes after ordering, the grill we were sat around was lit up and our food started arriving. The salad was sensational and delicious, its ingredients so fresh that it made us order another portion. Garnished with capers and generous portions of salmon, it opened up our appetites for the main dishes. The Okonomiyaki ingredients arrived neatly arranged on side plates, and having carefully read the instructions we tested our cooking skills by mixing the ingredients to make the pancake (more like an omelette). Loaded with many vegetables, and drizzled in teriyaki sauce and Japanese mayonnaise, it was spectacular, albeit quite heavy! Shortly after, our noodle ingredients arrived and we exercised our wits by cooking the noodles. Feeling unable to eat anymore, we braved to try the noodles and after the first bite we had forgotten how full we were. For being rookies in the kitchen, we managed to grill some yummy noodles, which were the great conclusion to this grand meal.