16 Feb 2014


London, UK

Not new to the London burger scene, Honest Burgers serves one of the freshest burgers London has to offer. 'Fresh' and 'burger' are not usually words one would associate with one another, but this burger oozes with original flavours and great textures that make the honest experience quite novel and refreshing. With a growing fad obsession, what has started as a burger shack in Brixton Market, Honest Burgers now operates five locations across London. My latest trip to Honest Burgers was to their Soho outpost, located just off Dean Street. It came as no surprise that there was an hour-long queue for a table for two, which didn’t bother us as my friend and I had to run some errands around the area. Exactly sixty minutes later we got a call telling us our table was ready. Once seated, we browsed the chalk board with all the burgers available and we both opted for the Honest Burger minus the bacon. The burgers arrived quickly and came served with their signature French fries made with rosemary. The delicious burger surprisingly felt light although it left us comfortably full. Free of any fat, the meat was perfectly cooked to medium and tasted of quality, while the sesame bun was toasted to the right degree offering a good amount of crunchiness without being dry. The fries were also a big winner; the rosemary provided a stimulating uplift to the taste and made eating French fries seem a bit healthier. The hype surrounding Honest Burgers is not an exaggeration and it definitely goes down to be a contender as one of the best burgers in London.