25 Feb 2014


London, UK

I went to the Bike Shed Motorcycle Show in Shoreditch, and had no idea the day would lead to an amazing culinary discovery. Within the premises of Shoreditch Studio I saw an airstream emitting smoke, and I immediately queued up as I hadn’t had breakfast. It was Street Kitchen, an amazing gourmet street food concept that serves simple, but delicious dishes around London. I had a Buffalo Bill, an aged beef burger with pickled red onions and cheddar served in a brioche bun. After the first bite I was sold. I don’t know if my judgement was clouded because I was so hungry, but I think this is the best burger I’ve had in London. The meat was cooked to juicy perfection, the onion had the ideal level of crunch to it, and the rest of the garnishes were impeccably balanced. It was the kind of burger that isn’t overpowered by the garnish, yet the pickled onion in particular brought something special to it. Looking back at the pictures now, it does look like a beautiful burger, so I don’t think it was just my hanger talking. At £7.50 it is great value for money, even including the entrance fee to the bike show. Street Kitchen is unfortunately tricky to find, with short time frames in permanent spots, so I haven’t been back for the burger yet. I downloaded their app in order to find out where they are at what time, but it wasn’t functional yet. It showed me that their nearest location was somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, so I uninstalled it. For now they are serving lunch in Finsbury Avenue Square from Monday to Friday, and at The Hatch in SW11. They also use The Miller’s kitchen by London Bridge to serve up hot dogs, BBQ wings and burgers. I hope I manage to go again soon.


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