8 Nov 2013


London, UK

Lately, around my area of work, Kings Cross, I have grown quite bored of the usual lunching options and so The Kerb has become my saviour whenever I wanted to try something new and refreshing. The Kerb King Cross is a food market located just off the newly completed Granary Square, and attracts many food vans and karts that spread their deliciousness across London. It has become the place where up-and-coming restaurateurs and newly established food places go to promote their name. On my latest visit to the Kerb I finally got to try The Grilling Greek, a food van serving delicious souvlakis (Greek style fast food wraps), which I’ve been hearing a lot about lately. I went at 12:30 pm on a Tuesday and to my relief there wasn’t much of a line ahead of me. The van itself with its blue colours and Greek accessories screams Greece and was very in tune with the culinary offerings about to be enjoyed. The menu options are threefold where you can choose a pork, chicken or halloumi souvlaki. All are served with red onions, tomatoes, and Tzatziki (Greek yoghurt mixed with garlic, cucumber and mint) wrapped in pita bread. I was particularly hungry on that day so I opted for both the chicken souvlaki and the halloumi wrap, as well as a side order of the French fries that are cooked with oregano and topped with feta cheese.  The friendly staff prepared the food quite quickly and within five minutes of ordering my food I was ready to dig in. Both wraps were exceptionally delightful and refreshing (thanks to the Tzatziki), very easy to eat and not messy at all since they were cleverly wrapped. The halloumi was grilled and very light, and the chicken was nicely grilled although a bit burnt in some parts. What I didn’t particularly enjoy was the pita bread, as it was a bit too doughy and at many instances disguised the flavours of the other ingredients. Also, the French fries were excessively oily and over-cooked, and I only managed to eat a few, so I would not recommend them. As an alternative to my usual lunch spots, the Grilling Greek has proven to be a successful lunch option, but I would not go as far as travelling out of my way to go to it, but I will definitely return on my lunch breaks when I am strapped for choice to have another souvlaki.


Kerb @ Kings Cross