18 Nov 2013


London, UK

I was really excited to try Flesh & Buns because it is operated by the team who also run Bone Daddies; one of my favourite restaurants in London. I called last minute to make a reservation, crossing my fingers and hoping I would be able to get a table. They said we could just show up, and I thought it was surprising that the restaurant would be so empty on Sunday lunchtime. The venue is underground, accessed by a staircase under a screen showing Japanese animations. We started with soft shell crab, similar to that served in Bone Daddies, but this one was even better. Sadly, it was only downhill from there. The Prawn Tempura Roll was just okay, the Grilled Beef Skewers tasted weird and the Warm Mushroom Salad wasn't memorable. Our main dish was the Crispy Piglet Belly with steamed buns. The texture of the meat was unappetizing and frankly it tasted bad. It is possible that we were just unfortunate with our orders, as a friend of mine who doesn't eat meat was very happy with her experience there. Either way, one should be able to order outside of seafood and vegetarian and still be served a quality meal. Flesh & Buns was overpriced and disappointing, and I’ve never left that much food on my plate in a restaurant before. I was annoyed that I wasted time, money and space in my stomach on Flesh & Buns instead of going to one of the many delicious spots in the Covent Garden area.

Covent Garden, 41 Earlham St, London WC2H 9LX


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