23 Sep 2013


Los Angeles, USA

The Apple Pan in Culver City, LA is an old-school diner established in 1947 with most of its original fittings intact. It’s a small, pitched roof house with counter seating only, arranged around the food preparation area. When we arrived there were about 10 people waiting to be seated, but it only took 5 min to get a spot. We came straight from a taco food truck, so I was already quite full. Therefore we shared a bit of everything, starting with the steak burger and fries. The burger is quite small, which I think is a plus, as there is more room for sides and desserts. The meat and vegetables were very tasty, but I thought the sauce was a bit distracting, and took away from the simple flavours of the rest of the burger. Coke was served in a little paper cone placed in a metal stand. Authentic details like these really make the Apple Pan a truly American experience. Disappointingly, they were out of their famous Apple Pie when I was there, so we opted for a slice of Pecan Pie and Banana Pie with cream. Both of these were an amazing ending to our meal, with rich and classic flavours. Even though I didn’t love the burger (due to the aforementioned sauce) I would certainly return to the Apple Pan because of its amazing and genuine diner feel. 

West Los Angeles, 10801 W Pico Boulevard, LA, CA 90064 

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The Apple Pan