2 Oct 2013


London, UK

Lucky 7 is an American style diner in Notting Hill. I went there after having spent a few hours at the nearby Westbourne Pub. We were starting to get hungry and initially tried to get a table at The Oak. It was full, so we went to Lucky Seven, which only had a couple of customers. My first impression was a good one; I loved the nostalgic McDonald’s characters mounted on the walls, and the small leather booths. The service was really bad though. The waiter did nothing to help us choose between their various burgers and hot dogs, and he walked into my friend with so much force that his watch actually got knocked off, without apologising. As I didn’t get any recommendations from the waiter, I decided to go for the safe choice of a Cheeseburger. I liked the classic and simple garnish of onions, pickles, tomatoes and lettuce. The meat patty was not memorable, and there was a bit too much bread. The fries and coleslaw was of a good standard, and I liked the light and fluffy texture of the milkshake. Overall it was nothing more than an ok meal, so I am glad I didn’t make a trip especially to go there. It's the kind of place that is surviving only because of the lack of competition in its area. If it was located in Soho or East London, they would need to step up their game.  

127 Westbourne Park Road, London W2 5QL

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