20 Sep 2013


After having spent a decent amount of time in Seoul, it became clear that meat; beef in particular is a fixture of Korean cuisine; hence the super popular and famous Korean BBQ. In a land of meat lovers and as an avid burger enthusiast I took it upon myself to find the best burger in Seoul, and after some extensive online research and asking around, it seemed that all fingers were pointing towards the Burger Joint. Located in a remote suburban neighbourhood (Seorae Village), the burger joint is a charming restaurant nestled on a quiet street and can easily go unnoticed. The restaurant is small in size and only seats about 20 people. The dining room exudes warmth through its colourful décor and tones, and boasts an incredibly stocked condiments bar, with virtually every sauce one can imagine! My friends and I arrived at 4pm on a Thursday afternoon, so the restaurant was quite empty to our delight, as we were warned about the infamous queues it has. We each ordered soft drinks and milkshakes to start followed by burgers. The milkshake menu is quite extensive with all the classics, as well as creative options to choose from. Two of us opted for a classic Vanilla Milkshake (you can never go wrong with a vanilla milkshake) while our friend ventured onto trying the Nutella Milkshake with roasted marshmallows. The vanilla milkshakes were delicious, thick and perfect; the Nutella Milkshake however was explosive, although I would have preferred it as a dessert as it was too heavy to be eaten with a burger. With the milkshakes so good, we all got really excited about our burgers to come! We all ordered the Brooklyn Works, which comes served with American cheese, bacon, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles and a special house sauce; I ordered my burger without the bacon. The burgers were all cooked medium and were fantastic in every measure of the word. The meat was perfectly cooked and tasted incredible. One thing you’ve got to love about South Korea is the high quality of the meat, and this burger was a true testament to that; it was honestly one of the best beef burgers I have had. The burger came served in a sesame bun which was also toasted to perfection, as well as French fries which were my least favourite item as they were not as thin as I would have liked them to be, but nevertheless were still good. The Brooklyn Burger Joint has been recognised as serving the best burgers in Seoul and I can truly attest to that, as not only is it the best burger in Seoul but it is also one of the best burgers I have had anywhere.

Seocho-gu, Banpo-dong 551-32 (서초구 반포동 551-32)