3 Mar 2013


Maltby Street Market is a collection of stalls and shops located under the railway arches of Ropewalk in Bermondsey. It is not easy to come by, and it is unlikely to even notice it unless you are already aware of it. I went on a cold Saturday for lunch. Most stalls and bars close at 4 in the afternoon, so one has no choice but to start drinking early. There are the usual stalls of olive oils and sauces to take home, but as with any market, I mainly come for the ready-made and ready to eat snacks. I walked up and down the market to familiarise myself with the options on offer, and recognised a few stalls from Broadway Market. I opted for the Ox Burger by The Woolpack, which is actually a beef burger with braised oxtail on top, making it runny and difficult to eat without the aid of lots of napkins. It didn't look very appetising either; I would have preferred an actual oxtail burger patty, but it was nevertheless good.

We sat down for cocktails at the Little Bird gin bar. The gin is distilled in London, and each individual drink is served in a different glass. This quirky little place has a short and excellent cocktail list, with prices of only £5. A hot water bottle kept us warm under the dark brick arch. The Rhubarb Robin Negroni is refreshingly bitter, the Breakfast Martini is a bit too sweet for my liking, but definitely goes down a treat as well. After drinks we moved onto the Spanish jamon bar: Bar Tozino. It looks very authentic, but still follows London prices. The friendly staff gave us some sides and sherry for free, so I was more than pleased. Bar Tozino stays open later, and is worth the trip on its own, even when the rest of the market is closed. We even watched a vintage dance class performing, hidden within an antique furniture store. The overall atmosphere of Maltby Street Market is friendly and eclectic, and it is worth going there for an experience further to eating.

Maltby Street, Ropewalk, London SE1

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