10 Feb 2013


Lately I have been coming here more than usual during my lunch breaks, as I tend to enjoy the freshness of the food and the wide range of daily specials they serve. Its simple and rustic interior plays homage to and compliments the organic offerings on the menu; with a communal table always playing center stage at any branch. Despite returning on countless occasions, the food has been very ’touch and go’ in that sometimes it’s spot on perfection and on other occasions has been nothing but short of disappointing. During my last lunch break here I tried the Kale Chicken Caesar salad which surprisingly tasted much better than it sounds. The texture of the kale added a delightful crunch to the grilled chicken and boiled eggs. By no means does it stand to compete with a classic grilled chicken Caesar salad, but on its own merit I found it to be an interesting and healthy twist to the concept. 

What is less than impressive was the Chicken Pot Pie, which was hugely disappointing as it arrived quite cold with the puff pastry tasting quite stale and rough; the filling itself was in desperate need of salt which in Le Pain Quotidien is hard to come across as they only seem to offer sea salt which practically did nothing to improve the taste.

Le Pain Quotidien is not highly recommended to become a ‘go to’ restaurant but is definitely worth a visit in that it's convenient and close to my office.

St Pancras International, Euston Road, London N1C 4QL