10 Feb 2013


London, UK

Reminiscent of a proper New York pizza place in its image, this is arguably the best value for money pizza in London. I've been going to Icco since 2005, and I'm still not bored. The prices have barely gone up, starting at £3.90 for a Margherita that really fills you up. You pay at the counter and receive a little device that flashes and vibrates when your pizza is ready. The suspense of waiting for this combined with hanger is excruciating, but all the more exciting when it’s finally your turn to go to the counter. I usually go for the Funghi or Capricciosa, and add some chilli oil. The Pepperoni is also good, but they are rather stingy on the slices, only putting one on each slice of pizza. The crust is of a medium thickness, and the cheese-to-tomato sauce ratio is well balanced. I will always return to Icco, especially now that I got myself a brand new loyalty card. 

46 Goodge Street, London W1T 4LU

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