10 Feb 2013


London, UK

In its image Dach & Sons is advertised as a hotdog diner-style restaurant; but in fact what it serves are sausages and not hotdogs. It's the most hipster restaurant I have encountered in the Hampstead area so far, with 50s looking staff and bearded patrons. The casual interior is furnished with old classroom furniture and various neon signs. Unfortunately the food does not live up to the cool appearance of Dach & Sons. The sausages use meat from the delicious local butcher, but Dach & Sons prepared the meat so that it is rough and a bit solid to chew through so much so that my friend was left poking through the sausage with her knife and not eating it. The bread is slightly dry, as are their hamburgers. Despite not being very impressed, I've gone back there a few times when I've been craving diner food. The Chili Chicken Wings with blue cheese sauce are good, and the chips are crispy. The cocktail selection is rather limited, but the beers are great. I wouldn't go as far as recommending the journey North to eat there, but I might go again when I'm nearby. 

68 Heath Street, Hampstead, London NW3 1DN

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