10 Feb 2013


London, UK

It’s simple and straightforward with three options to choose from: lobster (grilled or steamed), a lobster roll or a burger.  Having been there many times; I’ve managed to savor each of the options which all seemed to put a band aid on the fact that I had to be in line for about an hour and a half. This place is worth the wait. For any lobster lover this place is a must and is pretty much a pilgrimage for me as it offers great lobster at the very reasonable price of £20. Much to my anguish over the years of not living in New York; Burger and Lobster delivers an excellent New England style lobster roll which is a first for any London restaurant of this caliber. On my latest visit I tried the steamed lobster as it’s less dry than the grilled; it came with the customary side of green salad, crispy golden French fries which are spot on in their texture and crispiness. The half lobster was also tender and very fulfilling; not uncomfortably filling that I needed an afternoon nap. 

To compliment my meal I decided to opt for an Arnold Palmer; a drink which is basically lemon iced tea and Schweppes lemonade; it was the perfect beverage as it wasn’t too sweet but sweet enough to neutralize my palette against my meal. As the brain child of the Goodman Steakhouse chain, the burger is also perfectly juicy and satisfying but will not be my first choice especially when lobster is on the menu. It comes as no surprise that Burger and Lobster has developed a cult following and I will keep going back for more lobster. 

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