19 May 2014


México DF, México

Restaurante Loma Linda is a historical restaurant in Mexico City's Chapultepec area. After overdosing on seafood for a week, I was excited to go to this reputable Argentinian steak place. We had made reservations at the semi-covered terrace, but we were 15 minutes late, so the table was given away. They seem to be quite strict with timing tables in Mexico, as several times on this trip we lost our spot when we were a bit late. After some discussion we managed to get another table in the beautiful and green pergola area. The terrace seating is very popular not only because of the warm weather, but because you are still allowed to smoke in these in Mexico. We started with a dish I had heard about before going to Mexico, called chori-queso, which consists of lots of melted cheese with bits of chorizo in it. You simply put it in a soft taco, and enjoy greasy deliciousness. We then shared two different cuts of steak. Both were served on a hot plate, so we quickly threw all of it unto our plates to make sure the rare beef didn’t overcook on the table. Next to it were fried onions with green chillies that should not be mistaken for Spanish padrón peppers. I was luckily warned that they were very spicy, so I stayed away. As sides we had crispy fries with truffle oil and a simple salad with lots of crunch and freshness to the vegetables. As with most of our lunches in Mexico, the food was accompanied by lots of classic margaritas on the rocks, and the ones at Loma Linda were served to an archetypal perfection. This restaurant also prides themselves on their homemade desserts. We were all very full, so we only shared one piece of cheesecake between the four of us. It was very good, but I generally prefer lighter desserts after a meal like this. I was so happy with all of the food that I forgot to photograph it until I was full, thus you only see the reject pieces of meat that cooked a bit too much on the sizzle platter. I loved Loma Linda, both for the consistency of the quality of the dishes and for the peaceful setting. Lots more posts from my trip to Mexico to follow.