27 Oct 2013


London, UK

Mamita Que Chorizo is a gem of a sandwich restaurant newly opened at the quieter end of Rivington Street in Shoreditch. Currently running as a BYOB pop-up restaurant, it is only open Thursdays to Saturdays, and is temporarily housed inside a Turkish kebab shop operating during the daylight hours. We visited Mamita Que Chorizo on a Thursday evening after work, and upon arrival we were immediately greeted with friendly smiles and a very warm welcome indeed. In all honesty, we were quite surprised when we arrived, as we did not expect it to be housed within a Turkish kebab shop and were briefly turned off by the kebab pictures mounted on the glass front; a momentary lapse in judgment, because what was to follow was pure delight. We started off our meal by sampling the empanadas, which are deep fried stuffed pastries from South America. We tried two versions of these; one was stuffed with minced meat and the other with cheese. Both were perfectly deep fried and succulent and very fresh (a bit too hot in the first couple of bites; so take your time eating them!) Out of the two our favorite had to be the one stuffed with cheese as it just melted in our mouths and made us excited to try what was coming next. And what came next was nothing short of heavenly: the steak sandwich, apparently their specialty and most popular dish. The steak was perfectly cooked and came served with roasted peppers, mustard, and wild rocket; it was simple enough to be the perfectly delicious sandwich, and exceptionally rich in flavor and texture. Another delight was their vegetarian mushroom sandwich, which at first we were quite skeptical about; being a vegetarian sandwich and just having eaten amazing meat. After our first bite of the sandwich all of our reservations were put to sleep. This sandwich is unbelievably delicious and creamy, oozing with so many flavors. Stuffed with goat’s cheese, it comes served in a bun with rocket, parsley, lemon juice and a chimi-churri sauce. If only all vegetarian sandwiches tasted this good! Their eponymous Chorizo sandwich is quite unusual, as the sausage is a mixture or beef and pork, giving it an interesting texture and a pale colour. The skin at times difficult to chew over, but the special flavour of this meat more than made up for it. The end of our meal left us stuffed, with the cheesiest smiles cemented on our faces. We were so full that we had to cancel the pulled pork and ox tongue sandwiches, and instead come back to try these some other time. This is good quality food; unpretentious and full of love. Mamita Que Chorizo is a place with lots of passion, and this is evident in the quality of the food and the caring attention of its wonderful staff. If you haven’t tried it, do so and you will not regret it (a food grid promise).

22 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3DY

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