15 Jul 2013


Trullo is a small Italian restaurant in Islington with a short and mouth-watering menu that changes daily. I chose the most deliciously heavy dishes available, without a green vegetable in sight. We started with sharing some large, fresh olives and a glass of light rosé prosecco. I then had the Pici with golden garlic and parmesan, a hand rolled pasta which is amazing but filling despite it being a starter. The chilled almond soup with garlic and olive oil was a completely new flavour and texture to me, and very good ones at that. I am slightly allergic to almonds, but the itchy throat was most definitely worth it. I finished with the Papardelle with beef shin ragu. This was also tasty, but needed some salt, which by that time had been removed from our table. After a big and heavy meal, I like to have a light and fruity dessert, but there was no such thing on Trullo’s menu when I was there, so I skipped puddings. I really liked this place, and the Pici alone has enough value for me to want to go back to Trullo as soon as I can. 

300 - 302 St Paul's Road, Islington, London, N1 2LH 

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