7 Jul 2013


Just a day after the opening of Five Guys in London, Shake Shack opened its doors, and for us at the Food Grid it’s all a bit too good to be true. Finally two burger giants from New York have arrived in London; way overdue in our opinion! Shake Shack’s opening certainly did not disappoint, and London welcomed it with open arms in the form of an extraordinarily long queue. Located in the heart of Covent Garden, the layout of this Shake Shack is quite different from its counterparts in New York as the restaurant is spread across several rooms where the ordering booth is separated from the dining areas. These are split into an indoor space (perfect for the chilly winters) and a large dining area under the market canopy, which was the perfect setting on a hot summer day like this. Despite having to wait almost an hour, the line seemed to move quite quickly and smoothly and the staff was kind enough to offer us samplings of their delicious chocolate custard ice cream as well as newspapers, a nice touch. We obviously ordered the Shack Burger, along with a Shack-Cago dog, cheese fries, a vanilla milkshake and the chocolate custard ice cream. The burger was amazingly juicy and the meat tasted sublime. The Shack-Cago dog was equally delicious and I was personally thrilled that it was an all-beef hot dog (a rare find in London). The cheese fries also tasted amazing, and when dipped into the rich vanilla milkshake they were even more phenomenal. This meal left us very happy and with smiles cemented across our faces. There’s not much more to say except than: Does it measure up to the New York Shake Shack? It most certainly does.

Covent Garden Piazza, 24 Market Building, London WC2E 8RD

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