17 Jul 2013


Amidst the ongoing burger craze in London, Byron has launched a limited time special burger called: Big B. The burger is allegedly inspired by their latest research trip to Los Angeles; obviously a place with great burgers (In N Out Land!) I tried the Big B at the end of what was a very busy burger week for me having been to Shake Shack twice already, Five Guys and Lucky 7. To say the least I was almost ‘burgered’ out, but I was determined to try the Big B. As usual I ordered my burger with an ice cold coke and a side of French fries. The burger looks delicious packed with two juicy meat patties, with melted American cheese, onions and pickles, all of which are sandwiched between two potato buns. Oozing of deliciousness in its appearance, the taste unfortunately did not match what I saw or expected. Don’t get me wrong, the quality of the burger is really high, but it did not possess a special flavor for it be labeled as a limited time burger; especially a grandiose label such as Big B. The meat however was of excellent quality and was cooked medium to my liking. Although the potato bun provided some sweetness it did not work well with the rest of the ingredients, a brioche bun would have been ideal as it wouldn’t have been too chewy. However, with all that’s said and done, I am glad I tried the Big B and even though it does not rank highly on the Hanger Meter I would still recommend it. The Big B is served until the 26th of August.

222 Kensington High Street London W8 7RG

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