3 Jun 2013


Gaucho is an Argentinian Grill with numerous branches around London. It is one of those restaurants I have heard so much about, but never actually gone to since all of my friends seemed to have been there already. The interior is very recognisable throughout the chain; dark black walls with cowhide chairs and lavish chandeliers. I went to the Hamsptead branch, which stands out in that it has an outdoor barbeque area. My friend wasn’t very hungry and was not feeling up for having steak, but I really did, so I forced her to come with me. She decided to go for the burger, which the waiter strongly advised against (you should have steak in a steak restaurant), but she was allowed in the end. The burger is a blend of their four cuts of beef, topped with bacon. Even though this sounds somewhat like a minced patty of leftovers from the steak cuts, it was very good. We were shown the selection of cuts before the meal, and I chose a medium-rare Ancho, meaning Rib-Eye, and perfect Baby Gem Salad on the side. To start I had a Salt Water Trout Ceviche, delicately presented and really refreshing. Out of everything I tried at Gaucho, the steak was actually the least memorable. I loved the sides and the starter. The steak was good too, but I’ve had better. The service was overly attentive, I would prefer it if they gave us some time alone to enjoy the meal. I overall enjoyed the dining experience and would definitely like to go to Gaucho again, but I wouldn’t call it the best steak in London.

64 Heath Street, London, NW3 1DN

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