12 Apr 2013


Taro has become one of my main cravings these days, and not only because it is close to my home. In fact, I have gone to this sushi restaurant so many times that I need a break to make sure I don’t tire of it. It is a small, simple Japanese place located on the busy Finchley Road. People certainly don't come to Taro because of its charming location or for the hip d├ęcor, but simply for the good sushi. It is crowded every night of the week, so reservations are recommended. My usual order is the Salmon Avocado Maki, Scallop Nigiri and Nasu Dengaku, which is fried aubergine with miso sauce. The Prawn Tempura is also one of my favorites, and comes with little flakes of some unidentified crispy substance on top. Everything at Taro tastes very fresh and homemade. The sushi pieces aren’t perfectly rolled or presented, but that only adds to the feeling of this being home cooked sushi. The fish comes fresh from the local market, and the scallops are truly amazing. My friend once tried to experiment and order outside of our usual maki repertoire, but found that the Ramen Bowl was bland and boring. The Miso Soup is perfect though, and along with the other dishes, works great with the house Hot Sake. It is not a place for imaginative and contemporary dishes, but rather straight-forward, quality food. Taro has a delivery service, but only in the North West London area. Even though this restaurant is quite a random destination if you don't live nearby, I would actually recommend the trip.

293 Finchley Road, London NW3 6DT

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