28 Apr 2013

For the longest time London has been in dire need of a good quality all-day brasserie, which wasn’t too formal or too casual. Lately, however, such brasseries have been popping up all over London, with the arrival of Balthazar from New York, the opening of the Zedel Brasserie and the renovation of the Sloane Square institution Oriel into the chic and charming Colbert brasserie. As the brainchild of the proprietors of The Wolseley, expectations were high! Since its opening, I have visited Colbert on many occasions at different times of day, and each experience was as pleasant as the other. My latest visit to Colbert was on a very sunny London day; it was the perfect day to have an outdoor lunch at one of my favourite lunch spots (Colbert, obviously!) overlooking Sloane Square. The ambience in the restaurant that day was particularly spectacular, which is obviously due to the great weather; everyone was smiling and happy. Upon arrival we were immediately sat outside and shortly commenced ordering our lunch. I went for the chicken salad and a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice, and my brother ordered the chicken club sandwich with a glass of iced tea. The chicken salad was basically a chopped salad served with mixed greens, tomato and avocado. It was light and tasty and the dressing was very delicious, although I feel the salad could have used a bit more dressing. It was the perfect light dish on such a sunny day. The chicken club sandwich was incredible; it came served in a baguette and can easily go down as one of the best club sandwiches I have tried in London. The taste is explosive and what makes it stand out as a unique take on the club sandwich is that it is served with full pieces of grilled chicken, with the honey mustard dressing and the endive salad on the side. Colbert proved to be the ideal lunch spot for such a beautiful day, and has now become one of my favourite restaurants to frequent in the neighbourhood. 

50-52 Sloane Square, Chelsea, London, SW1W 8AX

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