17 Mar 2013


Tom’s Kitchen in Chelsea is a British brasserie by chef Tom Aikens, an informal yet high-end eatery. Brunch is always a crowded affair, so it requires booking ahead. When we went this time, only the upstairs sections was free, which is not as cosy as the main ground floor space, but still feels homey with its fireplace and wood tables. We all ordered eggs benedict or eggs royale, freshly squeezed juice and some sides. The Eggs Benedict were straight-forward in its presentation, but the fresh British produce made them special. The egg yolk is orange and runny, and the bacon was cooked to perfection in my book, meaning very crispy. A few negatives that could be pointed out was that the bread nearly required a steak knife to cut through. However, it did not taste dry. Another was that my friend’s egg was slightly undercooked, so the whites were runny, however the rest of us got the eggs served at the exact right stage in cooking. The Blueberry Pancake was unusual in that it was one thick cake instead of a stack. It was moist and delicious with the maple syrup poured over it. Weekend brunch is served from 12:30 to 15:30, so you don’t have to force yourself out of bed too early, making this the perfect, hearty meal after a night out. 

27 Cale Street, Chelsea, London SW3 3QP

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