17 Mar 2013


London, UK

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and after walking down Marylebone High Street we decided to stop for some afternoon dessert at the Tapas Room; the informal ground floor dining room for The Providores. A Marylebone landmark, the Tapa Room is a cozy and chic enclave offering an extensive and excellent choice of tapas, wines and desserts. Ahead of our desserts we ordered cappuccinos to warm up and to kill time until four which is when dessert would be served. The cappuccino was perfect, and had the right amount of milk and was served at the right temperature. For dessert we ordered the lemon custard with spiced hazelnut biscuits that came served with passion fruit and whipped cream; it was a delightful and sweet choice and the passion fruit balanced out the sweetness of the custard. The warm spiced ginger loaf with toffee was an interesting choice, served with a chili cream sorbet. The cardamom crème brûlée was also a delicious option; the sugar was burnt at exactly the right level and it was smooth and creamy with subtle hints of cardamom which delighted me with every bite. The poached rhubarb with honey yoghurt cream and pink tapioca, however, was also good, but was a bit too sweet; which for some might not be an issue. The Tapa room is not cheap but is well worth the visit and to this day has never ceased to impress me. 

109 Marylebone High Street,  London, W1U 4RX, UK 

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