26 Mar 2013


Lupita is a casual Mexican restaurant with two locations in London; Embankment and Aldgate. This is an offshoot from a huge chain of street food vendours in Mexico City called El Farolito. According to their website, Lupita is the first truly authentic Mexican restaurant in London. Although a Mexican friend of mine vouched for this place, it is not on its own in serving authentic Mexican in London, there is also Mestizo and various street stalls with true Mexican cuisine. I've gone to the Embankment branch on two occasions; the first was mostly centred around drinking Margaritas, the second was a dinner. The place settings at Lupita have little illustrations demonstrating how to properly consume tacos, some light entertainment if you are waiting for your friends or your food. The Classic Margarita with agave tequila is incredibly refreshing, and comes highly recommended. The Sinaloense Ceviche is a must-have starter. It’s small, so sharing is not an option. When we ordered the Guacamole Artensanal, a little fold up table was brought over to us, and the guacamole was made freshly in a stone mortar. The Carnitas and Gringa, both traditional pork dishes, are worth a try if you want to go for the classic Mexican. The food is quite light and fresh in general, not loaded with cheese or sauce. Some of the dishes could use more grease, and they actually charge £ 1.25 for a bit of cheese or sour cream. The menu is quite extensive and varied, and I will definitely return to try more of what Lupita has to offer. 

13-15 Villiers Street, London WC2N 6ND 

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