20 Feb 2015


London, UK

I discovered Bob Bob Ricard when I was presented with the challenge to pick a restaurant that my whole family, and most importantly my grandfather, would like on their visit to London. In addition to serving good traditional food, the criteria also consisted of finding a place with comfortable chairs and good acoustics. I'd done some asking around, and the obvious choices such as Berner's Tavern and the Wolseley were fully booked. After finishing an average dinner at Grillshack in Soho we walked past Bob Bob Ricard, which my friend suggested I go for. I had a quick google, and the lavish design convinced me that this would be an interesting place to try. 
The interior is absolutely beautiful, and transports you to a 'Gatsbian' era of glamour and luxury. Every table is a booth, clad in blue leather, with heaps of bling everywhere, reminiscent of the Orient Express. On our way in we were greeted by 6 people, which is a bit excessive, but it works in this setting. The pink graphic design of the menu and the tableware were very well carried out. Some of the luxury is a bit gimmicky such as the much Instagrammed 'press for champagne' button, but it adds to the experience.

We started off with some high quality cocktails, then got going with our starters. I can rarely resist soup on any menu, and opted for the Artichoke Soup. This was creamy and warming, and really did taste of artichoke. For mains I had the Beef Onglet served medium rare, small pieces of juicy and flawlessly tender meat. I also got to try a bite of the three-bird burger, an original and crispy meal, although not one that I would choose again when there are so many different things to try. Generally, I liked the fact that all of the dishes were quite simple and you could see what ingredients went into them, yet the flavours were distinct and delicious. It would be interesting to see how the food transitions to the summer time, as I did find it to be a very hearty menu and a cosy winter atmosphere. We were rather full by the end of our mains, so we only went for a little ice cream and Irish Coffee to finish the meal. While my aunt was having a cigarette outside, she spoke with a doorman and he explained the story behind the name Bob Bob Ricard. The restaurant was founded by Leonid "Bob" Shutov and Richard Howarth. Leonid put up two thirds of the money for the restaurant, hence the repetition of his name. Bob Bob Ricard has found a formula that works, with an interior design, food and drinks selection and staff that complete a perfect package of a special dining experience in the centre of London. I daresay you are almost guaranteed good food and a good time if you go to this restaurant. 

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