16 Mar 2014


London, UK

The Food Grid was invited to attended a chocolate-making event at MyChocolate off Leather Lane Market, hosted by 'MyChocolate', which cater events for team building, birthdays, hen nights etc. Upon arrival we were served a glass of Prosecco, and given seats along tables that were prepared with equipment and a selection of chocolates for tasting. The interior is simple, with white painted brick walls and colourful containers of various chocolates on shelves. They took us through the correct way of tasting a piece of chocolate such as allowing it to melt slightly before swallowing it, and taught us how to distinguish low quality chocolate without cocoa butter from proper chocolate. We were also told some interesting stories about the history of chocolate, for instance why Hershey’s tastes so artificial due to the poor vegetable oil substitute to premium cocoa butter. On this particular occasion our task was to make truffles. When it came to the actual making of the truffle, we were shown the techniques, which when demonstrated seemed very simple and easy to do . However once our cooking skills or rather our lack of cooking skills were put to the test, it didn’t turn out so well. It was clear that we were the only food bloggers in attendance who don’t actually cook, as our chocolates were misshapen to say the least. A fast-setting mixture of chocolate was used due to the short timeframe we had at the course, so I think it would taste better if we had more time. Our lack of skills at least contributed to creating a joyous and funny atmosphere, as there was nothing else to do but laugh. Another attendant kindly allowed us to photograph her chocolates for the blog, as ours were simply not presentable. After decorating the chocolate truffles with coconut, freeze dried raspberries and other delicious stuff, we got to wrap them in neat packages. This was a fun final touch, and we excelled at this compared to the actual culinary work. After another glass of Prosecco, we headed home after a really fun and different team-building event.  



We were invited to review MyChocolate, and the opinions expressed are our own.