10 Jan 2014


Food Grid's Top 10

One month from now the Food Grid will mark its first year being online, a year that we continually celebrated by doing what we do best: eat. Suffice to say, 2013 was a good year for us at the Food Grid as we witnessed the inception of our site, which was once nothing more than an idea casually shared between two friends. It was a year we witnessed the fruition of our idea into a steadily expanding reader base, and most importantly a year where we managed to eat and review restaurants, cafes, food trucks and markets from our base in London to destinations all over the world such as Paris, New York, Los Angeles, and Seoul.

Amongst the many reviews, some stand out as being highlights of our 2013-year at the Food Grid, starting with the legendary Granger and Co located on Westbourne Grove in London. When it comes to brunch, few places manage to rival this haven, which continues to attract lines and lines of people every weekend. Ffiona’s on the other hand is much smaller and is ever more charismatic, where no restaurant can match the warm and personal welcome you receive from Ffiona herself when walking through her door, and her pancakes are the best to be had in London. Great service is also not lost on the friendliest New York staff found in the incredible Ed’s Lobster Bar. Aside from the greeting smiles, Ed’s is a treasure that has forever spoiled any other lobster roll for me and as such is a must whenever in New York. Not far from Ed’s to the lower east side of Manhattan lies Veselka, undoubtedly the most unique, serving up one of the best burgers we’ve tried, in the kitchen of a Ukranian restaurant (that meat!). Good meat however is also the specialty of Two Plus in Seoul, a Mecca for meat lovers for its high quality beef rivalling the quality of wagyu beef and being more affordable. Meat lovers should also not forget the charming Spanish countryside restaurant Bedua, which serves large ounces of steak deliciousness served from the restaurants local cattle; fresh food at its finest. Another Spanish gem is Taberna Gran Sol. Although places like this are commonly found in Spain, this one is nevertheless rare, especially with food to such an exceptionally high quality. The endless tapas enjoyed on the street side of this bar are not only delicious but are truly unique and one of a kind. Distinctive tastes are somewhat of a specialty at the Shoreditch hotspot, the Clove Club, where the food not only tastes amazing but also looks brilliant. Beautiful presentation is also credited to the kitchen staff at the Michelin starred Peruvian institution Lima. Never a dull moment at Lima, where the great food is matched with a lively crowd and energetic ambience. Towards the end of year the energy of Londoners has been focusing on trying to get a table at the highly popular Berners Tavern. The much-anticipated arrival of the restaurant was served with a lot of hype, which it certainly lived up to with an impressive cocktail list, a delicious roast and one of London’s most beautiful and majestic dining rooms.

At this point allows us to officially introduce ourselves, we are Nora Nilsen and Hussam Dakkak and we wish you a yummy 2014.