18 Dec 2013


Burlington, Vermont

When I first walked past this diner in a little free-standing house, I thought it looked rather shabby, but I’m happy I dared to venture inside. I was greeted by friendly and efficient staff, and walked past their range of cups, t-shirts and other Henry’s Diner souvenirs. A classic 50s interior with yellow stalls and bar stools, along with little flowery curtains in the windows makes you feel like you’ve travelled back in time. With a long menu, including a slightly random Greek section, they serve more or less anything you could want from a diner. I had a craving for hot dogs, so I ordered one classic beef hotdog and two of their Michigan Dogs with minced meat and chili on top. Each hot dog is split along its length, so it’s double fried in that sense. There is even more grease in the amazing bread, a toasted bun with lots of butter on the outside. The hot dogs were served with perfect pickles and crisps or fries. This is definitely not the place to go for a light or healthy meal, but ideal for a proper American diner experience. The clientele was mixed, with young hipsters and middle-aged truckers dining alongside each other. I loved the atmosphere and the food, which is why I came back already the next day for some grilled cheese.

155 Bank Street, Burlington, VT 05401, USA

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