8 Sep 2013


London, UK

Granger and Co has been a fixture on the London brunch scene for quite some time, and still manages to attract the same number of people since its rise to fame; which is why the queue always demands at least an hour’s wait on weekends (especially on Sundays). Despite the painful waiting time, eating at Granger’s is really worth it. The excellent food is matched by an even greater and kinder service, where the attentive and friendly waiters go out of their way to make your dining experience as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible. The dining room layout is quite simple and easy on the eyes, the ceiling is decked with timber and the chairs are vintage looking echoing a 1960’s vibe; the place eschews any clutter and rather focuses on simplicity which is reflected in their menu offerings. The food at Granger is an eclectic mix of continental European cuisine with an injection of some South Asian flavours, where the house specialties are reserved under a list called: Bill’s Favourites. On that list are my favourite ricotta hotcakes, which are simply divine. They are basically an alternative version of pancakes and are thick pancakes made and stuffed with ricotta cheese, which come served with maple syrup and honeycomb butter. It goes without saying that if heaven has a cafeteria, it would serve the ricotta hotcakes at Granger and Co. The ricotta hotcakes were actually ordered for dessert, and in fact we each started with an order of the chopped salad with chicken, halloumi and avocado. The salad comes with the ingredients all separated so that you are free to mix as you please, and is served with lemon and olive oil dressing. Albeit quite a standard choice, I have always favoured the chopped salad here, as it is extremely fresh, light and is the perfect entree prior to digging into the ricotta hotcakes. Mimosa’s were naturally ordered in the spirit of the weekend; they are also delicious. As always Granger and Co never disappoints and is highly recommended; great people, great food and great service.

175 Westbourne Grove  London W11 2SB


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