11 Aug 2013


We have previously written about the quality crêpes and galettes at La Crêperie de Hampstead on the blog (see link). When I went there again for a Chocolate, Banana and Coconut Crêpe I learnt that the pub on the corner are trying to have them evicted. If you have been there and liked it, or if you want to try it, please sign the petition to save this piece of history on Hampstead High Street.

The following is copied from their website:

La Creperie has been in business on the site next to the King William IV pub at 77 Hampstead High Street for 33 years. It is a gem in the heart of Hampstead and is much loved by the Hampstead community and visitors and helps in part to provide the Bohemian feel in this part of theworld.
It is under threat from the actions of King William IV pub and the ultimate landlord of the pub, which is Heineken UK Limited.
The Hampstead community:
(a)       call on Heineken UK Limited immediately to grant a new sustainable lease to the creperie which would regularise its trade from these premises and permit it to continue to serve its customers with certainty;
(b)       call on the King William IV pub to leave the creperie alone and immediately to cease and desist from impeding its operations and facilities, part of which are on the premises of the pub so that it and its customers can have quiet enjoyment of its business;
(c)       call on the King William IV pub to work out a way of co-existing with the creperie which leaves it to enjoy its business.
The manageress and owner of the company which leases the pub has, on a number of occasions, made it openly and aggressively plain to the proprietor of the creperie that she wants him to leave. The community want this action to stop so that the creperie can continue to exist
for the enjoyment of residents and visitors alike.