31 Jul 2013


Ceviche is a hip Peruvian kitchen in Soho’s Frith Street, where I first noticed it across the road while queuing outside Koya.  I finally got around to booking a table, which needs to be done some time in advance, although they leave some space for drop-ins too. The waiters recommend sharing everything, with 2 -3 dishes per person. We got a selection of hot and cold dishes, starting with the Don Ceviche of seabass and sweet potato, Drunk Scallops with pisco and pomegranate and a few vegetarian dishes. Out of all the cold dishes, my favourite was the scallops. They were really light and fresh, although it was a tiny portion considering its price of £ 11. Slightly surprisingly, the best stuff came when we were served the hot dishes. The confit duck was amazing with its crispy skin, the Lomo Saltado beef fillet had a powerful meat taste, and the Pulpo y Chorizo was a heavenly grilled skewer of juicy octopus and greasy chorizo. Many of the dishes were served with choclo corn, a large pale corn type with a nutty flavour. The corn was so good that next time I go I would ask if they could just give me a whole plate of that. One negative for me, was that nearly every dish was quite spicy, so I was out of breath throughout the meal. An additional stress factor was the noise level and the loud music that they kept turning up throughout the evening. Overall I was impressed, but it wasn't perfect. I went to Ceviche expecting a light, cold meal, but I happily ended up very full on their delicious hot dishes.    

17 Frith Street, Soho, London, W1D 4RG 

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