17 Jun 2013


Tonkotsu is one of the many delicious ramen bars in Soho. I went there at noon on a Saturday, so we were the first to arrive. I got comfortable and put my jacket on the chair next to me, and my bag on another, but quickly realised that wouldn’t work. Within 15 minutes all the seats around us were taken. So although there are many ramen restaurants in the area, there’s enough of a market for them, because they’re all usually packed.  I had the pork gyozas to start. The texture of these gyozas was absolutely amazing; soft and juicy on one side, and deliciously crips on the other. Among the best gyozas I’ve ever had.  When looking over the menu of several pork and chicken stock noodles soups, I decided to order the Shimeji, Shiitake & Miso dish. This is the only vegetarian option, and I have to say I regretted choosing it. I got a case of food-envy when I tasted my friend’s Tokyo Ramen with soy-marinated pork belly. My vegetable-based stock just didn’t have the same intensity of flavour, so I kept adding soy sauce and chilli to it. I also took advantage of the self-service option to peel and crush fresh garlic into it. My friend was in a rush and had to leave before we finished the meal, which was a blessing in disguise for me. I took his tastier bowl and finished both of them. The half soft-boiled egg is the most heavenly part of the ramen meal, and I would recommend adding an extra one, which is an option given on the menu. Because of the high density of ramen per area in Soho, I feel it necessary to compare it to its competitors. Although I really liked Tonkotsu, I would say that Koya’s d├ęcor is more pleasant and Bone Daddies still reigns supreme on taste. 

63 Dean Street, Soho, London W1D 4QG

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