20 May 2013


New York, USA

Veselka is a Ukrainian treasure in New York's East Village, naturally offering Borscht, Pierogi and Kielbasa. However on my first visit to Veselka, I was strictly instructed by a fellow food aficionado to go and try the burger. I was skeptical at first as to why I would go to all the way to a Ukrainian restaurant and have the burger, but my friend had been living in New York for twenty years so I knew I had to take his word for it. It’s quite simple really; the burger here is by far the best burger I have had. I am usually quite careful to use the phrase 'best burger', but considering that I was overcome with glee and joy while eating it, it has to be noted that I have not tasted a burger so delicious and yet so simple. The burger is very straightforward and comes served in a sesame bun with American cheese; it looks like what a classic cartoon burger would look like. The ingredients are uncomplicated and as such are a testament to how delicious the beef was from its delectable taste to its perfect texture. I was speechless.

144 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

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