12 May 2013


London, UK

This pizza restaurant was recommended to me as being one of the best in London, but it is so far away from anywhere I would usually go, that I didn’t think I would ever make the trip there. I went online to check if they do delivery, but unfortunately they only do take away if you pick it up yourself. I ended up coming across Al Parco by chance one day, after I had visited the nearby Highgate Cemetery and I had started walking down the street looking for a taxi. When I suddenly saw the sign across the road, I had to go in even though I had a huge brunch just a couple of hours earlier. The d├ęcor of the restaurant is very unassuming, and looks like it could have existed in the same state for decades. I ordered a Capricciosa to take away. This is my favourite pizza, and the I usually order, so for me it’s a good gauge for the quality of a restaurant.  The crust at Al Parco is thinner than Firezza, but not too thin as in the Story Deli in Shoreditch. The textures were great and the amount of cheese and tomato sauce was perfect; juicy but not soggy. It was simply a very tasty pizza at a reasonable price. I don’t know any Italians who went there, so I’m not sure where it scores on the authenticity level, but I daresay this is the best pizza I’ve tried in London. It is a bit of a mission to make the trip there, as it is not near any tube stations, but I know I will go there again one day, it was really that good. 

2 Highgate West Hill, London, N6 6JS

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